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From Diane Holt <>
Subject [PATCH] <sound> task
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2001 06:10:05 GMT
I've made some modifications to the <sound> task:
  - If you specify a directory instead of a file for <success> and/or
    <fail>, the task will randomly select a file from the directory
    to play.
  - I made the default for "loops" 0 instead of 1, since that seemed
    like the more reasonable behaviour (ie., play the file once, not
    twice, by default).
  - I removed the BuildException if the <success> or <fail> element is
    missing or if the file/dir specified is bogus, since I don't think
    the <sound> task being bungered should be a reason to have your
    build actually fail.
  - I corrected the spelling of [Ss]ucessful, both in the comments and
    in one of the method names.         ^
  - Assorted other comments clean-up.
As to the first one, I was going to try and use the FilterFilename (or is
it FilenameFilter?) thing, but I couldn't find very good documentation for
it, and it looked like something you needed to understand to really be
able to use, so I bailed on it. Unfortunately, that means the user is
responsible for making sure any specified directory contains only sound
files. If anyone's interested in adding that, though, please feel free --
but I realize the <sound> task isn't a real high priority, just a bit of
fun (and something I could learn some more Java on).



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