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From "Jason Rosenberg" <>
Subject Re: The RIGHT Direction for ANT (was Re: Problem using script task)
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2001 01:16:37 GMT

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From: "Jerry Huth" <jerry.huth@Sun.COM>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 7:10 PM
Subject: Re: The RIGHT Direction for ANT (was Re: Problem using script task)

> But this really gets to the heart of why you can't see my point.  When
> you're in the forest one tree may look a lot bigger than another, but
> when you're at 20,000 feet they're all just a bunch of toothpicks.

Well, maybe you are preaching only to the huge mondo
corporations with a bizillion lines of outdated legacy
code to be maintained.

That's not my situation.  Your whole argument assumes
that there should be an automated way for a program
to guess how to build just about anything, a priori.

Not very realistic.

So, if I have a directory with a bunch of source files,
I suppose you are saying it should just be a cake-walk
to have an automated process that will go through the
directory, and based on file types, etc., just make
standardized, rigid, decisions about how each source
file should be dealt with, without actually inspecting
the source files, etc.

This is not my world, and I don't need anything other
than, precisely, Ant with just a few, minor extensions
to make it more workable, especially in the area
of templating.

My understanding is that Ant 2.0 is supposed to do a lot
of the things I am requesting, although I haven't heard
or seen the specifics of Ant 2.0 yet, or any projected
release date.  In fact, it seems like everyone is still
arguing about it and pointing fingers, so it may still take
a while.


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