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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Optional Tasks
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 08:57:06 GMT
Jon Stevens <> wrote:

> The definition of a "core" task is a task that Ant really cannot
> live without. This would be similar to taglibs that are part of the
> core JSP specification.
> The definition of an "optional" task is a task that really should be
> packaged with the product it serves.
> However, there are cases where this is not feasible. Therefore, we
> will provide a separate CVS repository and mailing lists that serve
> as a storage and support area for tasks that cannot be bundled with
> the original products. 

And then there is a bunch of tasks that are not needed to build Ant
and that are not related to a specific product either. <rmic>, <war>,
<exec>, <native2ascii> and so on. They should go into the repository
of optional tasks as well.

So if we can clarify the definition of what goes into the separate
repository, that's fine with me.

As Ant 1.x won't gain the ability of easy deployment of task libraries
this (moving out tasks from Ant's repository into a separate one) is
one of the migration steps for Ant2. Should we stop accepting any new
tasks until Ant 2 is there?

BTW it's not just James who was going to add this feature (task
deployment via JAR files) for Ant 2, it has been specced before and
Pete's proposal implements it as well 8-)


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