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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: build.classpath and tinderbox builds
Date Sat, 30 Dec 2000 14:10:02 GMT
Jeff Martin wrote:
> There's actually quite a significant overlap in functionality
> between Sam's code and the work that I've added to Alexandria
> which now supports the reporting of build and JUnit testing.
> In fact I've suffered from the very same classpath issues,
> but I've just been forking of java tasks to do the builds of
> other projects. I suspect that they working in very similar
> ways (XSLT).

Alexandria would seem to be a good home for this function.

I can't seem to checkout Alexandria at the moment.  For details on the
error, take a look at

 I've reported this on the alexandria-dev mailing list on the 20th of
December, but have yet to hear a reply.  Furthermore, when I click on the
"Use Alexandria" link, I get an Object not found at

Even if the code (yes, it is 100% XSLT) I wrote proves to be of little
value, I suspect that the workspace definition will be reusable in some
form.  One thing I am pleased with in my implementation that I would like
to see live on is the ordering of the individual project builds based on
their declared dependencies.  I've also used that dependency information to
produce a cross reference of projects.

With a little change I recently made to Ant, the classpath issues are all
resolved to my satisfaction.

> For those that are interested I'm just working on updated
> documentation for the web site. Hopefully I'll have it
> done in a week or so.

Let's explore further the possibility of combining our efforts at that time
on the alexandria-dev mailing list.

- Sam Ruby

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