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From "Scott Stirling" <>
Subject RE: Did somebody say Shut up and Write? :)
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2000 07:04:28 GMT
Check out Orion app server's update utility and procedure.  From a user
perspective, it's awesome:

java -jar autoupdate.jar

There's a config file for it (in case you need to wok around a firewall or
something) and maybe some command line options, but it's always worked for
me "out of the box."  When you run it, it sends a request to the Orion web
site, checks for a newer "released" jar for the core server, and, if there
is one, downloads it and a changes.txt file.

If you built this capability into Ant, it should be as easy as (for

java -jar ant.jar -update

But I don't see any bang for going any further than that.  Otherwise one
might as well write a general purpose Java app that checks CVS for new code,
or uses JNLP to get new "released versions" of code.

Actually, I guess it's a non-Ant problem, more of a generic problem having
to do with keeping software up-to-date.

Scott Stirling
West Newton, MA

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> From: James Duncan Davidson []
> Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2000 2:28 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Did somebody say Shut up and Write? :)
> On 12/27/00 11:11 PM, "Diane Holt" <> wrote:
> > Actually, I would expect whatever "group" (even if it's only an
> individual
> > just working privately) "owns" Ant to -not- necessarily have an
> up-to-date
> > version of Ant. I would expect them to only update the version (or
> > possibly only certain source-files) for specific reasons and only at
> > acceptable points in time. For example, I currently have a mixture of
> > 1.2alpha, some straight 1.2, some post-1.2, plus some in-house
> mods. When
> > 1.3 becomes available, I'll review what's changed, see if
> there's anything
> > that I want/need, and if there is, determine when would be a
> good time to
> > (either fully or partially) update.
> One way of handling this is to have an ant.conf file that is part of the
> distro. One of the properties of this file could be something like
> 'udpateserver=". This location
> could have a pointer to where the latest version was along with version
> number, etc.
> Then, in an installation like yours, you could change that -- thereby
> changing the action of `ant -selfupdate` to only grab your version.
> .duncan
> --
> James Duncan Davidson

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