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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: Did somebody say Shut up and Write? :)
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2000 04:26:26 GMT
On 12/28/00 10:39 AM, "Peter Vogel" <> wrote:

> I was thinking more in terms of what I believe would be a more efficient
> use model, namely, extensions to ant that are required to build the product
> are a part of the product tree, and ant builds them first and integrates
> those extensions before beginning the actual product build.  By having the
> extensions to ant as a part of the tree, we also ensure that the correct
> version of ant is used for any build, since the ant changes are tagged along
> with the rest of the product build.  This is what I do all the time with
> perl-based builds (or perl-wrapped builds) but the "update" issue doesn't
> exist with perl because perl "compiles" extension modules on the fly, so as
> long as the .pm is in the tree, perl is happy with it.

Ok -- that's relatively easy to add in a "define task" type functionality --
just additions that point to a workspace file that contains the instructions
on how to build and either a location to pick up the classpath of the built
task (and dependant classes) or a convention.


James Duncan Davidson                              
                                                                  !try; do()

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