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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: build.classpath and tinderbox builds
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 06:10:08 GMT
On 12/27/00 12:45 PM, "Sam Ruby" <> wrote:

> While it builds upon the Ant project, it is not clear to me the it belongs
> as a part of the Ant project.  If others feel that it belongs here, I will
> gladly contribute it.  In any case, I would like to see it find a home in
> Apache-land somewhere.

I'd like to see this too - as a parallel project to Ant -- it's one level up
from Ant. Would you like me to add this to the agenda for the PMC meeting?

> Ah, yes.  Just as I recall - it is based on the premise that building is
> hard.  It is my hope to address the root problem, and not just the symptom.

There's possibly another side to CJAN as well -- not just the build side but
the runtime side. I'd like not to have to bundle in all the jars with my app
-- but for it to get them if it needed them as part of install or running.


James Duncan Davidson                              
                                                                  !try; do()

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