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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: build.classpath and tinderbox builds
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 21:39:59 GMT
on 12/27/2000 1:25 PM, "Sam Ruby" <> wrote:

> Jon Stevens wrote:
>> -1. Ant is a build tool, not a tinderbox tool. I think we
>> should keep them separate.
> I, too, think that they are separate, but what I am building is much more
> than a tinderbox tool.  Specify the specific versions of the various
> projects you want in your workspace, and your configuration will be made to
> your precise specifications.  You are also left with two batch files /
> shell scripts that can be used to update and build any or all of the
> projects at any time.  Syntax:
> update ( all | project... )
> build ( all | project [target...] )
> In short, I plan to use it they way I used to use the various
> build.bat/ scripts that are associated with the various projects.


>> Therefore, I think you should make a name for your tinderbox
>> tool (if there isn't one already) and propose it to the PMC
>> as a new Jakarta project. I would be very +1 on that.
> I don't know if this is relevant, but there isn't any Java content in the
> project itself at the moment.  I've also avoided an product specific XSL
> extensions.  This being said, this code was designed to target Jakarta and
> related projects.

I don't think that it doesn't have Java code in it is relevant because it is
targeted at Java Projects right now. Lets let the PMC decide.


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