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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Expanding ${} constructs for all attributes
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 14:11:25 GMT
At 09:04  13/12/00 -0500, Rousseau, John wrote:
>We have a bunch of stand-alone commands we create around our main
>product. Not all of these commands are built/supported on all
>platforms (it's native code). What I want to do is have a
>targets.xml file with build rules for all targets. I then want a
>master build.xml file for each platform that sets ${build.targets}
>appropriately for that platform, and calls <ant> on the targets
>file. The targets file main <target> then depends on
>${build.targets}. This is a serious lack of functionality when
>compared to make.

nope you can do that fine in vanilla ant now. ie add this into file

<target name="do-targets" depends="target1, target2 target 3" />
<target name="target1" if="do-target1" />
<target name="target2" if="do-target2" />
<target name="target3" if="do-target3" />

then call that file either setting or not setting the respective properties
do-target1, do-target2, do-target3. Much easier to comprehend IMHO and
easier to read/maintain.



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