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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Problems with
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 01:01:16 GMT
--- Jon Stevens <> wrote:
> I'm glad you are able to manage boilerplate for 40 different projects
> and lists.

Have a generic response that lists the site(s) on which they can find
project information, advising them to look thru the listed sites for
information regarding mailing lists.

> Huh? It wasn't sent to a list, it was sent to James D and I privately
> and I forwarded here with zero frustration or even a comment in my
> email that I forwarded.

You said, and I quote, "Now do you see why a lot of my answers on the
mailing lists tend to be short with people?"  You weren't referring to the
forwarded mail -- you were trying to justify why you tend to get snippy in
your replies to mail sent to the lists. From my perspective, it's not a
justification, and there are better ways of dealing with the problem of
getting mail sent to you personally that should have gone to a list. I
offered you one possible way. If you choose not to do that, fine -- but
being "short with people" who *have* sent their mail to a list doesn't
strike me as a very productive way of dealing with it.



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