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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Fw: Problem using script task
Date Tue, 26 Dec 2000 22:45:12 GMT
--- Jason Rosenberg <> wrote:
> I guess I just thought somehow that I already had javascript
> installed, since my browser uses it on a regular basis, etc.

I suspect the javascript your browser uses is bundled in with your

> The only reason I am going the javascript route is because
> I have been disatisfied with the set of available flow control
> features in the core ant stuff.

Yes, well, that's something that those who have the Say So have said No
Personally, I find Ant lacking because of that as well, but the argument
is that if you want that, you can use <script>. Unfortunately, as you've
seen, just getting the <script> task working isn't exactly trivial -- and
working with it isn't exactly all that straightforward either. It's one of
the things I'm personally hoping will improve with Ant2.

> So, probably, once I get to a point where I've got my preliminary
> build installation working, I'll make an effort to start writing
> some useful flow control tasks.  I assume that wouldn't be
> too difficult.

I'm not sure how easy or difficult that will be, since I haven't used it
that way myself. The most I've done with it so far is some simple integer
arithmetic and property-setting based on that.

> Or, are there philosophical objections to doing so.  Simple
> things like loops and conditionals, etc.

I don't think what you do with your <script> stuff is open to anyone's
objections -- it's available for whatever you choose to do with it. In
fact, the same could be said for any *Java* tasks you want to write for
yourself as well. For example, there's the <case> task that (hope I'm
remembering right) Nico wrote (which I'll probably put to use myself
before long).

In general, I'd be much happier with a Java-oriented build tool that had
built into it a greater level of programmability, but which could have
that separate from the build-files themselves -- in other words, one that
didn't have its "bones" showing, so that people dealing with the build at
the level of just adding/deleting files to be processed could work with
much simpler files. I'm sure people will say "But you can do that with
Ant" -- yeah, maybe, if I knew Java (and all the various parsing tools,
etc., etc.) and if I could take the time to sit down and write all the
code I'd need to accomplish that. Which I don't at this point, for either



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