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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject New task : get jar for classpath
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 16:46:47 GMT

I have just spent some hours trying to get everything to build
catalina, regexp, ant just so I could build struts.  Probably most of
that unnecessarily I am sure, but I am a newbie to jakarta (more
usually found in the Avalon list).

The <get> built-in task seems to look interesting to solve such
problems, but I think it is going to do the retrieval every time it is
invoked.  It would be nice if there were a way of the get being
conditional on 1) a question ....

  "Would you like XLS transform capability? 
   If yes, then the build process will get 
   the dependant jar for you" 

... and 2) what the previous build's answer to the question 1 was.


  <get src="" 
        conditional-question="Would you blah blah blah.."


- Paul H

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