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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: ClearCase integration?
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 17:47:23 GMT
Thank you for your contribution Curtis.

Curtis White <> wrote:

> Sorry about that. I probably worded that incorrectly.
> What I meant by "tags" is that you can use a
> "CCCheckin" XML tag in the Ant build.xml file to
> perform a ClearCase checkin command. I'm not familiar
> with the Ant jargon yet. 

Yes, this is a task (shouldn't be too difficult, targets already are
<target> tags, nothing else).

> I am attaching the files to this email. To keep the
> file size down, I only included the source and class
> files along with the files. I
> didn't include the Javadocs, but anyone can easily
> generate them.

Sources would have been enough, we expect anybody on ant-dev to be
able to build Ant from sources 8-).

When submitting new versions of files that are already there
( in this case), please send them as a patch. This
makes it easier for us to apply your changes even if the file in
question has changed in the meantime. See
<> for details about

Sending in javadocs isn't necessary for the same reasons you don't
need to send classes, but we'd appreciate a HTML documentation of your
tasks in a format similar to the one used in docs/index.html when
describing tasks.



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