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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: registry JRE vs. JDK with java task
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 08:55:38 GMT
Michael Krammer <> wrote:

> I think that a reasonable behaviour would be to skip the runtime
> system classpath and the paths defined in the "java.ext.dirs" system
> property if you specify a bootclasspath attribute.

I'd really prefer something like

addruntime=true|false   default true

This controls whether rt.jar or will be added to the
classpath. This is usually necessary if you want to compile using
jikes and your target Java version is the same as the one that's
currently running Ant (usually true when using jikes I guess).

This is what Diane has done for her version AFAIK.

addcurrentclasspath=true|false   default true

(better name appreciated)

This controls whether the CLASSPATH used to run Ant will be passed to
the compiler. We could also make that control whether java.ext.dirs
will be consulted or not (although we might want to have a third
attribute, I'm not sure).

Usually you want this to be true, but I sometimes you want to have the
full control over the CLASSPATH javac uses, like

*) you are compiling for a Java version other than the one you are
using to run Ant (tools.jar would be on the CLASSPATH in JDK 1.2 for

*) You are compiling classes that need a different version of classes
that are also used by Ant. An example would be compiling xerces where
you need DOM2 classes but you have the DOM1 classes from JAXP 1.0 on
your classpath.


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