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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Proposed refactoring of scanDir() functionality
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 10:07:47 GMT

most every task that uses filesets (whether explicit or implicit) has
a scanDir() method that takes all files from the fileset, compares
their timestamps to the one(s) of a target file (some target files)
and builds up a list of those files that need to be handled by the

You can find a lot of duplicated code here, so I'd like to separate
this logic into another class with just a 

public static String[] scanDir(File srcDir, File destDir, String[] files,
                               FileNameMapper mapper)

where FileNameMapper is an interface with the single method

public String[] mapFileName(String fileName)

For javac this would return fileName with .java converted to .class,
for copy it was a identity transformation, for jar it would always
return the archive's name, for rmic it would return _Stub.class and
_Skel.class with the matching prefix and so on.

scanDir would then return an array of all files that are newer than
any of the files the mapper returned for them.

Apart from this I see another use for FileNameMapper. Say the one we
need for javac is generalized to a GlobMapper (mapping *.java to
*.class in the javac case), then we could add a nested mapper element
to move and have

<move fromdir todir>
  <mapper type="glob" argument="*.oldext/*.newext" />

which would be the same as the optional RenameExtension task. I could
even think of an optional RegexpMapper based on jakarta-regexp and so

Tasks that could be made more powerful that way include copy, uptodate
and maybe even style (which holds a hard coded GlobMapper but I see no
reason why it should be restricted to that) and probably others.

I'd also base new tasks transform and jtransform on this.

Things I'm not really sure about yet:

(1) should scanDir return a File[] instead of a String[]?

(2) same for mapFileName

(3) should we move destdir as an attribute to the FileNameMapper
instead of passing it to scanDir.



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