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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] - use libcabinet on Unix to create Cab-Files
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2000 08:09:34 GMT
>>>>> "NS" == Nico Seessle <> writes:

 NS> Another possibility would be to use but
 NS> the user would need to provide the corrent jar-file containing
 NS> these classes by hand

 >> What about the license, can I go to Microsoft and download them
 >> freely, place them on my FreeBSD box and play with them?

 NS> these classes are included with the MS VM, [extract and rejar]

 NS> I don't know what licensing issues are coming into place then, I
 NS> don't think anyone will say something if you repackage some
 NS> classes for personal use

Not sure. Are you allowed to extract the talking paperclip from Word
and use it on another box in a non Microsoft context 8-)

 NS> (but we could not distribute them with Ant I guess :-) )

Maybe they are available in a separate package at MS? Anybody else?

 NS> On the other hand it was easier to implement this than to compile
 NS> libcabinet on RH7 :-(

What do you expect from a distribution that ships with a broken
compiler plus a broken C library. Most JDKs don't work on RH 7 either.


who still runs a heavily patched RH 6.1 based system.

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