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From "Hall, John" <>
Subject RE: regex (was: Re: [Patch] New Perforce tasks)
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2000 17:53:32 GMT
I meant the functionality (more or less), not the codebase.
I won't shorthand in the future.


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From: Jon Stevens []
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 5:13 PM
Subject: regex (was: Re: [Patch] New Perforce tasks)

on 11/14/2000 2:13 PM, "Hall, John" <> wrote:

> From: Jon Stevens []
>> You have been sleeping my friend. :-)
> Nope. Stefan questioned the need for ORO. I understand
> that regexp is a subsetof ORO, but if that's all that
> is needed then that's all that should be used.
> jh

regexp is NOT a subset of ORO. It is an entirely separate code base.

I got the regexp package from jonathan locke (he is an excellent Java
developer at Sun) after james davidson asked him to release the source code
after i complained to james that there wasn't decent regex support in Java
that wasn't GPL. James makes things happen. :-)

After the regexp package was released, daniel (author of ORO) decided to
release his ORO package under the BSD license (instead of GPL...woo hoo!)
and contribute it to the Jakarta project.

So, one project helped start another project and regexp is now essentially a
lightweight alternative to ORO and nothing more.

We should eat our own dog food and use ORO or regexp. My vote would be for
ORO first since it has much more functionality.


twice of not very much is still a lot more than not very much

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