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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject Re: Proposed API Refactoring
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 13:43:20 GMT

> When the implementation for one of the changes is
> ready, we are going
> to review and then commit it. If the changes are
> big, it might be
> useful to create a branch so that people can easily
> compare old and
> new versions of it.

An obvious (re)statement here, but the top dogs need
to put the release of 1.3 as top priority, whereby (I
assume) the "must always support" feature set will be
defined. If I have understood the discussions
correctly, the 1.3 release will be the *last* release
to ever consider breaking existing build files.

If 1.3 is considered the "official" feature
definition, then the tasks that I proposed can be
worked on in a branch and tested against the behavior
of the official 1.3 release. Sort of like how Sun
implemented javac and (sort of) worked out the bugs
and features, and then reworked it again to make it

I also recommend a branch approach so that those of us
interested in the refactoring work can deal with the
buglets, which those working on tasks, etc. don't have
to deal with those issues.


PS: I know that CVS branches can be a pain, but I have
successfully used them in the past. One just has to be
careful and RTFM before doing it.

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