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From "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
Subject RE: Antidote...
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 16:54:26 GMT
Hi Simeon!

(As I promised NOW direct to the mailing list!)

>> I can live with the bus-system, but I don't agree in
>> the way
>> you instantiate the UI. I think UI-components should
>> be Beans,
>> wich can be assebled/composed to a bigger UI!
>> Perhaps you can
>> explain why you did it with reflection...
>That's a fair criticism. But the components
>(AntEditors) aren't really custom widgets, which are
>more useful as beans in a wire-it-up type of IDE. I
>also don't want to be forced to expose a default
>constructor, and then have some sort of 'init()'
>method that sets everything up after all the
>"setXXX()" methods have been called.
I disagree in that point! I really think that they COULD BE
"wire it up"-components! For example the projectTree: It would
be nice to have it as a singel component to view a ProjectTree
in another GUI... Or the Console... Or the XML-Editor wich will be
developed... Do you want them to be Antidote-specific? They'd be 
more useful as "multi-purpose-beans" in the future. This is the real 
benefit of beans!

>But maybe I'm just an old fogey...
No you aren't! I don't rely completely on the code VAJ generates me.
It is optimizable, and if you take a look into the code of VAJAntToolGUI
you'll find nearly no line of code untouched...! REALLY! And I have 
decided that I want to take part in the development of Antidote - even if
I don't like it in all points - Only thing: It has to be done :-)!


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