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From "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
Subject Antidote design proposal/discussion
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 08:51:12 GMT
Hello Simeon, hello Ant-comunity!

After nobody aswerd my last Antidote reply, I'd like to repeat my proposal a
little more specific.

Antido (at this time) contains components viewing an Ant-project-file in a
Tree, displaying an Ant-log, etc.
Lateron, regarding the antidote design requirements, there will be Component
to display and edit the
XML-Makefile with Syntax-Highlightning, GUI property editors for the
properties in the XML-file etc.
Unfortunatly the components wich are developed at the moments are NO
java-beans and rely on many other classes
in the Antidote packeges, so they are not "standalone"-useable.

I'd propose consequently using the JavaBeans-design architecture for the
Antidote GUI-Beans. I have concrete
Idease of an implementation as "independent"-Beans whithout giving up the
bus-architecture and keeping the low
coupling! The beans-architecture will make it easier for others to take part
in the antidote-develoement, for we
could easyly plug the beans together (even with reflection!)

What do you think?


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