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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Depenency Graph
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 12:24:08 GMT
Hi Tim,

>>>>> "TW" == Tim Wright <> writes:

 TW> I found that when I used this structure the order of execute of
 TW> methods for a task was as follows:

what you describe has been the order before Ant 1.2alpha3. In Ant 1.2
it is going to be

A - Component.init()
B - Component.createDependency()
C - Component.createDependency() 
D - Component.setName()
E - Component$Depencency.setName() 
F - Component$Depencency.setName() 
G - Component.execute()

which might be even less desirable in your case. 

A-C will be executed at parser time while D-G happens at runtime -
this is a side effect of making properties dynamic and therefore
delaying ${} expansion.

init() is there to give the task a chance to initialize itself after
the project and the containing target have been set. Actually <ant>
needs init to be called before any createProperty call - this is the
only reason why init hasn't been dropped completely.

Given your preferred order, what would you want to do in init that you
couldn't do in execute?

 TW> I will be developing several new tasks in the process which I
 TW> will be more than happy to discuss and submit.

Looking forward to it.



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