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From "Glenn McAllister" <>
Subject Re: New doc format and organization
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 16:03:58 GMT

I'm more than happy to move to an auto-generated format fairly quickly once
we get by release 1.2.  I just figured that the current style was getting a
bit unworkable/unreadable, so I'd take a first stab a cleaning things up.

Should I back off on this, then, and just wait till after 1.2?  If I make a
major change now, and then have to redo it all to suit some automated
process, how much thrashing will that cause in CVS?  I'm happy to continue,
but I guess I'd like to have a better feel for the implications before I
commit anything.

P.S.  I prefer .html too.  I was using FrontPage to do some of this stuff
more quickly, and it defaults to using .htm.  I'll fix that.

Glenn McAllister
Software Developer. IBM Toronto Lab, (416) 448-3805
"An approximate answer to the right question is better than the
right answer to the wrong question." - John W. Tukey

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Subject:  Re: New doc format and organization

>>>>> "GM" == Glenn McAllister <> writes:

 GM> So, I've gone for a more LDP format that has a primary table of
 GM> contents, with navigation links from one page to the next.

This is almost calling for docbook or stylebook - and I wouldn't mind
going into that direction. So, yes, I like it as an interim solution
(the HTML files) but would prefer to autogenerate the HTML at a later

 GM> Now, I don't like this format as it introduces some maintenance
 GM> headaches.

Obviously, most Next and Prev links are broken 8-).

 GM> Also, how do people feel about CSS?

Even javadoc uses CSS (JDK 1.2+ that is) so I think we could do so as


PS: I'd prefer .html over .htm

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