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From "Tim Wright" <>
Subject Depenency Graph
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 10:38:09 GMT
Hi All,

I have been experimenting with writing extensions to ANT. I want to write a
extension that creates a dependency graph
between components of our system. I was thinking of defining a task which
looks something like this:

 <component name="my_component">
   <dependency name="javasrc"/>
   <dependency name="jspsrc"/>

Each component's build script has a target 'dependency-graph' which uses
this tag to define it's dependencies. The ant task can then be used to
execute the 'dependency-graph' target for all the dependencies. The graph
can then be checked for cycles and used to perform a build etc.

The problem:

I found that when I used this structure the order of execute of methods for
a task was as follows:

A - Component.setName()
B - Component.init()
C - Component.createDependency()
D - Component$Depencency.setName()
E - Component.createDependency()
F - Component$Depencency.setName()
G - Component.execute()

This problem is that all the properties for 'component' are not set when the
Component.init() call is made (A), since the dependencies have not been
added (C-F). A preferable order for execution would be:

1 - Component.setName()
2 - Component.createDependency()
3 - Component$Depencency.setName()
4 - Component.createDependency()
5 - Component$Depencency.setName()
6 - Component.init()
7 - Component.execute()

Where init (6) has been called after the sub-elements of the component have
been set (2-5). I looked into the code and found that this could be achieved
by calling the init() method of a task during the endElement() method of the
TaskHandler SAX processing class. I have provided the code below and marked
what I have changed.

Is this change desirable, and would it have any negative impact on
functionality. I think that this would be a useful
change to make.

I am working for on a new build process. I would like ANT to be
the key tool for performing builds and deployment in our new build process.
I will be developing several new tasks in the process which I will be more
than happy to discuss and submit.

Keep up the good work!

Tim Wright
Java Developer


	 * Handler for all task elements.
	private class TaskHandler extends AbstractHandler {
		private Target target;
		private Task task;

		public TaskHandler(DocumentHandler parentHandler, Target target) {
			super(parentHandler); = target;

		public void init(String tag, AttributeList attrs) throws SAXParseException
			task = project.createTask(tag);
			configure(task, attrs);
			task.setLocation(new Location(buildFile.toString(),
locator.getLineNumber(), locator.getColumnNumber()));
		//****Exectute the init after the sub-elements have been added
//			task.init();

			// Top level tasks don't have associated targets
			if (target != null) {

		public void characters(char[] buf, int start, int end) throws
SAXParseException {
			String text = new String(buf, start, end).trim();
			if (text.length() == 0) return;

			IntrospectionHelper ih =

			try {
				ih.addText(task, text);
			} catch (BuildException exc) {
				throw new SAXParseException(exc.getMessage(), locator, exc);

		public void startElement(String name, AttributeList attrs) throws
SAXParseException {
			new NestedElementHandler(this, task).init(name, attrs);

	// *****Execute the task initialisation after procesing sub-elements
		public void endElement(String name) throws SAXException {

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