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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject RE: For 2.0: Ant-Extension Mechanism
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 01:19:09 GMT
> From: Nico Seessle []
> - Changed build.xml to create *.tsk-files (which is currently 
> the extension
> I choose for ant-extension-files) for some of the 
> currently-core tasks and
> all of the optional tasks
> - Changed  to load Task-Information from the 
> ext-subdirectory
> of ant.home (using AntExtensionHelper)
> - All calls to project.addTaskDefinition have been changed to 
> create a new
> TaskDefinition in-place and use this to add the TaskDefinition
> (,,,
> - Changed Main and added an option to print the currently know tasks
> (-tasks)
> - Uncommented several tasks in taskdefs/ 
> (all optional and
> deprecated and some of the currently-core tasks (which I 
> personally don't
> think are "really" core). Deprecated tasks will no longer be 
> included in the
> task-list, optional-tasks will get some separate files 
> (vss.tsk, script.tsk,
> ...) and all tasks formerly included in ant.jar and now removed from
> are in core.tsk.
> - Added a task TaskLib which creates the tsk-files (although 
> one could use
> jar directly, but would not have the simple error-checking)
> I don't think this is complete (or how one would call it), 
> but it worked for
> me (and my buildfile) and it's a starting-point.
> What do you think of it?

Some comments:

I would prefer if the XML contained <taskdef>s declarations instead of some
other new definition. That would mean that we have one unified mechanism
that is used by everything. I guess that would make <taskdef> the only
task within ANT itself. I guess my point is that what I can say in a
must not be more nor less expressive than declaring tasks in thebuildfile

There should be a way to load a tasklib from the buildfile, do you have
I mean, one should be able to use libraries that have not being installed by

Do we really need to have a separate core.tsk file? Why not make ant.jar a
tasklib file by adding a METAINF/tasklib.xml to it. You provided the task.

Otherwise, it looks quite good.

Jose Alberto

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