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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: Newbie question: Parallel Make?
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2000 22:30:46 GMT
Well, gnu-make can do this because all of the
dependencies are explictly listed in the Makefiles,
and so gnu-make can figure out which files
can be spun off into different processors.

As I understand the current situation, Ant depends
on the compiler's understanding of dependencies. So,
it just hands the compiler the COMPLETE SET of files
to compile and says "here - compile these". And the
compiler makes it so. It is a single process that
compiles ALL the files, in the correct order
based on dependency.

Said differently, since Ant doesn't explictly know the dependencies,
it can't spin off separate compilations.

"Sadinoff, Daniel" wrote:
> Stop me if this is a FAQ (the mailer has no response to FAQ requests, and
> the jakarta FAQ-o-matic is down), but is there any work being done to allow
> for a parallel make a la gnu-make -j?  I haven't read the source yet, so I
> don't have any idea how feasible this is, but on the surface, it would seem
> that this would be the sort of feature to which a Java implementation would
> lend itself.
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> Danny Sadinoff
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