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From (Patrick Chanezon)
Subject Re: including other build files
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000 23:50:13 GMT
Hi Sven,
on my project have the same need, ie accessing properties defined in a
generalbuild.xml from another build.xml.
We do this using scripting: in javascript we create an ant task on generalbuild.xml,
trigger the init task, then get a handle on the project object and get back the
properties we are interested in.
Then we set those properties in the current project object.

I didn't do it myself, but I put my colleague who did it in CC so that he can
correct me if I'm not accurate.
If I remember he had to modify the Project object. Not sure about this one.

P@ wrote:

> I'd like to be able to include/import other ant build files into my build.xml
> For example I am thinking of defining generar properties in a general.xml
> and the project specific things in the build.xml file as usual. in build.xml
> I'd like to somehow include/import general.xml.
> Maybe it should be XML's job to handle things like this but I am not aware that
> there is any support for this from XML. XSL for example allows this using it's
> own xsl:import xsl:include tags.
> One could even go further and include just a part of it by specifiying an XPATH.
> Implementation should be rather easy when using the xpathapi class coming with
> xalan.
> any comments ?
> - Sven

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