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From Dirk Weigenand <>
Subject [PATCH] to regarding command line too long problem when compiling with Jikes
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2000 18:01:23 GMT
Hello all,

i have attempted to solve the mentioned problem the following way:

In order to avoid some arbitrary limit when deciding whether to give
jikes the complete list of files to compile on the command line or in
file using the @ syntax i have done the following:

1. fill in the Excute object with all information given as
   done previously
2. don't bother looking at length of the command line, just
3. check the return value of the execute() method
4. if it's not equal to 0 rearrange the command line to     
   include the list of files via the @ syntax
5. reset the command line of the Execute object and rerun the    compile
6. check for exeptions thrown by execute

My problem is with point 3. I've just tested the patch on Linux with JDK
1.3. I don't know whether there are differences in the return value with
the various JDKs available for Linux.

My test gives 255 for the return value. I've left a debugging statement
in the patch that prints this return value.

The javac task will print a warning that the command line was too long,
this is done some level below executeJikesCompile in execute().

So what i'd like you to do is try this patch and give me feedback what
return values you get on your OS.*

And of course if you like the patch as it is or if you have problems
with it.

[*] I guess this will decide whether we stick to the old way because it
is simpler to restrict the length of the command line to an arbitrary
value than to check for all possible return values produced by all
combinations of OS and versions of JDKs.

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