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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: Ant -> Make? Ick! - Never!
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 00:28:57 GMT
At 12:01  17/10/00 -0700, you wrote:
>OK, I had been trying hard to stay away of this topic but...
>> From: Stefan Bodewig []
>>  DH> But the thing I don't like about it as it currently exists is the
>>  DH> need it has to rely on a wrapper-script, [...]
>> This is why I'd prefer to see a Java wrapper on top of Ant that could
>> handle this. Keep Ant simple - and keep that front end simple as it
>> shouldn't have to deal with tasks or compiling or ... but "only" needs
>> to contain a logic engine.
>The main reason I am trying to move our project to ANT is to completely
>eliminate any need for OS dependant scripts in our build process. Today we
>develop on NT but need to deploy in a vast number of environments. So, the
>need for a OS neutral development environment is escential.


>>  DH> I think test-for-equality is such a basic functionality
>> It is basic, I agree, but test for inequality isn't more sophisticated
>> and then ...
>But I provided a test for inequality: unless="a=b" tests for a not being b.
>so that to me was not an argument.

but someone surely would - it would be such a minor step. Then of course
you would add less-than/greater-than etc

>>  DH> (although I think it's perfectly reasonable to offer it as an
>>  DH> optional task, since optional tasks should be able to do whatever
>>  DH> anyone wants them to)
>> We agree here as well - and I don't think Jose Alberto's <case> has
>> been ruled out completely, just put into a loop, waiting for the
>> extension mechanism to come.
>This is nice to hear. Of course, if I were to convince you guys that "if"
>is just as good. I will be even happier.

I am pretty sure that it would never get through. There are a lot more
committers on this project than who are active and would oppose it once
they found out about it. Hence I will say it again - do this stuff in a
frontend and stream new build.xml to Ant. If you want the functionality
badly add it ;)

personally I favour xslt to do this and everything else been asked but as
long as frontend interface is there anyone can do whatever ;)



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