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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Actually, speaking of <fileset>...
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2000 21:20:26 GMT
I have a number of directories that have lots of files that get copied out
of them. In order to not have one really long list-file to include, I've
broken the list into separate include_files.txt files, which I have living
in each of the subdirs that have files to be copied and that list only
those files to be copied out of that subdir. The problem is, I still end
up having to have each file in each of the separate lists preprended with
its subdir name, just like I did when it was all one massive file that
lived in the dir above all the subdirs. I thought I wouldn't need to have
it that way anymore, though, once the list-files themselves lived in their
respective subdirs. In other words, I thought (and still think) I should
be able to do:

  <copy todir="${out.dir}/files">
    <fileset dir="subdir1" includesfile="include_files.txt"/>
    <fileset dir="subdir2" includesfile="include_filext.txt"/>

Note: I've actually had to say dir="${basedir}/subdir1", because <fileset>
doesn't seem to want to work from a path relative to what basedir is. But
more importantly, I really don't want to have to have the files listed in
the include_filest.txt files be:

[File subdir1/include_files.txt]

[File subdir2/include_files.txt]

since it seems redundant, it makes the files harder to maintain (people
will either pick&put to avoid typing the subdir name, or they'll typo the
subdir name, etc.), and I really can't think of any reason why I should
have to do it that way. If <fileset> has been told the directory is
[${basedir}/]subdir1, then any files listed in the includesfile it's been
handed should become fully qualified paths based on what "dir" is,
shouldn't they? But so far, prepending each file in each of the lists is
the only way I can get it to work -- and I've tried lots of different
combinations of todir and dir, all with the same result (ie., <copy>
doesn't find anything, so it doesn't even do anything -- and there's no
debug output to see what it's even thinking it should be looking for).



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