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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: <echo file="foo"> goes to stdout as well
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 16:23:01 GMT
--- Nico Seessle <> wrote:
> I can not even think of a way to force it to do something like this if I
> look at the current source :-)

I know -- even with my limited java knowledge, I couldn't see any way,
either. So I did the
routine... I picked up out of CVS, and diff'd it against the
copy of that I have -- it diff'd clean -- so I compiled it &
stuffed it into ant.jar anyway :)  Then I ran my "testecho" target, and
the duplicating output is now gone.

I couldn't have been using the ant.jar from the ant I had previously
picked up (9/19), because the in that one doesn't even have the
"file" attribute, so it would've choked on the parse.

So basically, the Echo.class that's in the ant.jar I'm using (and was
using when the dup action was happening) is only different in the sense
that -I've- compiled it, with jikes+jdk13. (BTW: For the record, I run ant
with jdk13)

I'm chalking it up to unusually high sun-spot activity (whether there was
any or not :)

Thanks for looking into it,


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