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From Diane Holt <>
Subject <delete> unable to remove a file
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2000 04:49:42 GMT
What would cause <delete> to be unable to remove a file that I can 'rm' at
the command line (so it's not permission problems)? It's a file that's
generated in an earlier target, then read in by <property>, and if it
doesn't actually have a valid property-setting line in it, then the
property doesn't get set, so the target that checks whether the property
is set will echo an error message, delete the file (theoretically), then
do a <fail>. All of that works except the file deletion. The (verbose) log
snippet is:
 [property] Loading D:\dianeh\src\nightly\
  Error: Build number not correctly set. Check your client environment.
   [delete] Deleting: D:\dianeh\src\nightly\

build.xml:213: Unable to delete D:\dianeh\src\nightly\
Total time 3 seconds
Unable to delete file D:\dianeh\src\nightly\

So the BUILD FAILED is actually a result of the <delete> not being able to
complete, not a result of the <fail> that follows it (which never
executes, because ant exits on the <delete> failing). Reading the file in
with <property> wouldn't somehow keep the file in use, would it? 



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