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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: Output file attribute for <java> task?
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2000 03:11:09 GMT
--- Jose  Alberto Fernandez <> wrote:
> In the last week we have seen adding outfile attribute to <echo>,
> <exec>, and the list keeps on growing. It looks like this is a
> generalized need that probably should be done at the Task level and get
> all tasks able to use this functionality.
> I am thinking on having Task.getOutputStream() which will return the
> correct output stream depending of the value for "outfile" 
> or "appendfile". What do people thing about this?

I like the idea -- having it be consistent across all the tasks would be a
good thing, and "appendfile" would be a nice addition. I have several
targets I'm putting together now that I'd really like to have their output
going to a single output file, not as part of all the logging output from
ant redirected but just the output they produce going into their own
output file, so having "outfile" and "appendfile" generally available
would come in very handy.



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