The latest CVS seem to have very different code.
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Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2000 1:07 PM
Subject: RE: Setting basedir seems broken now

I had a problem similar to this, and I was able to resolve it by referencing the parent directory.  So long as you can guarantee that you will always run the buildfile from c:\qdsdev\bin (probably through a batch file), you might be able to use this:
<project name="qds" default="apps" basedir="..">
I can't guarantee that it will work, but I think your base directory will probably become C:\qdsdev because now...
baseD = "C:\qdsdev\bin\.."
...which should resolve to "C:\qdsdev"
I hope this helps.
--Chris Povirk
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Subject: RE: Setting basedir seems broken now

After a bit more probing...  I'm not sure what is _supposed_ to be happening, but I can tell you what _is_ happening
The ProjectHelper class contains the code which sets the basedir.  In my case, since I'm not setting an environment variable, the code that gets executed is (line 240):
        project.setBasedir((new File(buildFileParent, baseDir)).getAbsolutePath());
And in my case,
        buildFileParent = "C:\qdsdev\bin" (the directory where I'm running ant)
        baseDir = "c:\qdsdev" (from the build.xml file)
Now, getAbsolutePath() returns "C:\qdsdev\bin\c:\qdsdev" which is simply the buildFileParent and baseDir concatenated. 
Then, project.setBasedir() executes the following code:
        setBaseDir(new File(new File(baseD).getCanonicalPath()));
        (baseD = "C:\qdsdev\bin\c:\qdsdev")
at which time getCanonicalPath throws an IOException
Again, I don't really know what the intention of the author was here so I'm not going to propose a fix.  Maybe this helps explain the problem though.
David Gardner
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Subject: Setting basedir seems broken now

I just grabbed the latest (9/7/00) nightly build and I'm having a problem with setting the basedir.  I have the following line in my build.xml:

  <project name="qds" default="apps" basedir="c:\qdsdev">

which was working with earlier releases.  However, now I'm getting the following error message:

  build.xml:7: Can't set basedir null due to The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

I've tried numerous forms for the basedir however I get this error any time I have a colon in the name.  And when I don't have a colon the path is always interpreted as relative which is not the desired functionality.

Any suggestions?

David Gardner

P.S. Running under Windows 2000.

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Subject: Re: output from the javac built in task

>>>>> "JT" == Jørn Tage Tyskerud <>

 JT> Is there a way to get feedback per file (although the file
 JT> contains no errors) when using the javac build in task.

Invoke Ant with the -verbose switch. You will get much more
information than you ever wanted to see - including which files
<javac> compiles.