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From (Patrick Beard)
Subject Re: Special Mac tasks needed
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 15:58:48 GMT
At 4:49 PM +0200 9/11/2000, Christian Stümpel wrote:
>I want to use Ant for developing on multiple platforms: Mac, Windows and UN*X.
>How does Ant solve cross platform issues, e.g. with the Mac resources?
>In my opinion, special task version are needed that care about Mac
>resource forks, first of all <copyfile>
>Who knows how to deal with it?

Greg Guerin has written some Mac-specific code that copies entire 
files. Some of this code is at:

Alternatively, I've written code that provides access to AppleScript, 
which can be used to script the Mac OS Finder to perform file 
copying, which might turn out to be better since the Finder knows how 
to correctly copy files between network volumes, and recursive file 
copies. Perhaps an AppleScript module for the Bean Scripting 
Framework would be useful.

- Patrick

// Patrick C. Beard
// Java Runtime Enthusiast -- "Will invoke interfaces for food."

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