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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Proposed way to make ${} happen at runtime
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 10:57:19 GMT
>>>>> "BT" == Barrie Treloar <> writes:

 BT> This will break the old way of using the definition order in the
 BT> file.

True - I'd list this in WHATSNEW quite prominently anyway. Do you
think this is a real problem - my guess is one would place all
<property> tags outside of any targets if one was going to rely on the
order of definition.

 BT> When you specify an id that xml structure is available globaly.
 BT> Id must be unique in the build.xml file.

This has been true before.

 BT> I'm just being nit picky on the use of {} for all if/else
 BT> statements even if they are one line bodies.

A matter of taste. I tend to write them that way - at least since
JDE's abbrev mode added the braces automagically 8^).


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