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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Source code task
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 09:40:28 GMT
>>>>> "WJ" == Walker Joe <> writes:

 WJ> I hope you have a proportional font!

non-proportional - yes.

 WJ> PROPOSED    VSS         CVS         StarTeam     P4
 WJ> -----------------------------------------------------------
 WJ> action      writable    command     [implied]    [implied]
 WJ> recursive   recursive   [illegal]   recursion    recursive
 WJ> version     version     tag         [illegal]    version
 WJ> date        date        date        [illegal]    [illegal]
 WJ> label       label       [illegal]   [illegal]    [illegal]
 WJ> force       [illegal]   [illegal]   force        force
 WJ> localpath   localpath   dest        targetFolder [illegal]
 WJ> noise       verbose     quiet       verbose      [illegal]
 WJ> server      login       cvsRoot     various      server
 WJ> includes    [illegal]   [illegal]   includes     [illegal]
 WJ> excludes    [illegal]   [illegal]   excludes     [illegal]
 WJ> project     vsspath     package     various      [illegal]
 WJ> config      ssdir       [ignored]   [ignored]    p4dir

I don't know enough about any of the systems but CVS, so I can only
comment on this column.

 WJ> Format of action attribute: [get|put|edit]

This is not good enough for current cvs usage. Most of the time I use
command="update -d -P" which is not really equivalent to get - that
would be command="checkout" I think.

I don't know why writable for VSS is in the actions column, I would
have thought it would map to cvs -r command which is "readonly" and
doesn't have a corresponding attribute in the task yet.

cvs's tag is both, version and label - maybe allow both attributes and
map them to "cvs command -r tag"?

What does force do?

includes and excludes could be useful for "cvs commit" or "cvs diff".

config should be available in cvs as well. "cvs -b bindir" would serve
the same purpose ssdir does in vssget.


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