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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Some comments on the <jlink> task
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 12:18:46 GMT

first of all I want to thank Patrick Beard for placing his jlink code
under the Apache license (or allowing it to be placed).

I've made that task an optional task (given its location and
documentation) although it can - and in fact will - be built on any

IMHO there are already too many tasks in the built-in area, that's why
I've put it there, I didn't want to say its merits would be smaller
than that of any other task. I'd like to see a separate discussion on
the issue of built-in versus optional once we have a extension
mechanism in place.

<jlink> provides a superset of functionality over <jar> as far as I
can tell and it doesn't rely on any external
libraries/classes/executables either. We shouldn't try to duplicate
this functionality (adding files to existing .jar files for example)
in <jar> IMHO. Let's keep <jar> the simple solution that fits most
situations and point people to <jlink> in the more difficult ones.


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