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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Proposed way to make ${} happen at runtime
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 09:23:29 GMT
>>>>> "MS" == Marcel Schutte <> writes:

 MS> This is what I would have expected right from the beginning,

Yes, that should be the result of the change 8^).

 MS> why was the current behavior ever introduced?

It's not that counter-intuitive if you stop thinking of <property> as
a task and start thinking of it as the definition of a property (much
like the definition of an XML entity) and nothing else.

If you are then going to restrict <property> to be a child of
<project> and not of <target>, you are done.

Making Property extend Task (and thus allowing it to be placed inside
<target>) has changed the notion of <property> and led to usage
patterns that had not been intended in the first place (and that this
patch is going to take care of).

I don't know why <property> was changed from some kind of constant
definition to a task, this happened before I turned my attention to


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