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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Wishlist of make like features.
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 07:51:16 GMT
>>>>> "PN" == Peter Nordlund <> writes:

 PN> Stefan Bodewig wrote:
 >>  >>>>> "PN" == Peter Nordlund <> writes:
 PN> * 1.  make -k: Keep going when some targets can't be made.
 >>  If more than one target is specified on the command line or in
 >> the more general case?

 PN> I thought in the more general case. If I remember right that is
 PN> what make does.

I think so, yes. I'll take a look at it.

 PN> * 2.  make -n: Dry-run. Don't actually run any commands; just
 PN> print them.
 >>  What kind of output would you want, the names of the targets, the
 >> names of the tasks or the names and attributes of all tasks?

 PN> I thought of the same output as if the commands actually were
 PN> executed.  So that you could combine this option with -verbose
 PN> and -quiet.

You mean "[copydir] Copying 2 files to x/y/z" but don't do
anything. This might be trivial to implement but we'd need to modify
every single task (well, <echo> might go unchanged). This is called
SMOP I've been told 8^).

 PN> Maybe -verbose could take a numerical argument?
I'd prefer a symbolic one (syslog like as suggested).

 PN> When I run ant in the following style: ant compile > /dev/null.
 PN> I think that a build failure should show up on stderr, but as it
 PN> is made today, the build failure goes to stdout

I'll take a look at this rather soon.


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