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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Path like structures (and extending their contents)
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2000 08:54:08 GMT
>>>>> "BT" == Barrie Treloar <> 

 BT> I have two classpaths; one for compiling the classes and another
 BT> for compiling the test classes.

 BT> If I want to include the first classpath in the test class path I
 BT> find that the existing <classpath> tag does not allow this.  This
 BT> is because Path is still being worked on.

I've been thinking of having a refid or similar attribute to
pathelement. What scared me of - and this is why I didn't want to
implement it right away - was how to avoid infinite recursion.

<path id="path1">
  <pathelement refid="path1" />

or even

<path id="path2">
  <pathelement refid="path1" />

<path id="path1">
  <pathelement refid="path2" />

It is quite easy to detect the first case though.



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