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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Some bug fixes and minor additions
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2000 06:51:46 GMT
>>>>> "SM" == Stover, Michael <> writes:

 SM> 1.  In the task, the work is done in the init()
 SM> method.

Yes, I was planning to change that once ${} expansion happens at
runtime. I've never seen anybody using the properties set by available
in ${} constructs but you could do that (and your proposed change
would break this functionality).

Besides I want to commit a patch Glenn McAllister has submitted weeks
ago to assign arbitrary values to the property in <available> instead
of "true" - which makes the pattern described above a little bit more

 SM> 2.  When using the "if" attribute for a target, it could only ask
 SM> if something exists, and execute if it did.

There is an "unless" attribute to target - and it has been there for
quite some time. Your patch is against code that even predates Ant
1.1, not to speak of current CVS.


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