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From Brian Towles <>
Subject EjbJar fixes for inner classes
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 07:35:55 GMT
Howdy all

I was having some probelms deploying ejbs with inner classes using
EjbJar beacuse the task doesnt include the inner classes in the generic

Weblogic has some security issues if inner classes access weblogic
resources (like DB connection pools) from a class not deployed with the
EJB using it (same jar). 

So i fixed the EjbJar to bring in the inner classes for ejbs defnied in
the ejb-jar.xml.

Im attaching the changed/added files from 

*Disclaimer* as usual for me  this is 2am work... dont assume im
thinking anything

There probably is a cleaner way of doing this.. but it works..


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