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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: A Todo filter
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 05:36:28 GMT
On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, John Lacey wrote:

> Jason van Zyl wrote:
> > 
> > Would anyone be interested in an ant task that
> > would pass through a set of source files and
> > create a project wide TODO list. [...]
> > 
> > /*!
> >  * @desc An Exception should be thrown here
> >  *       instead of triggering a NPE.
> >  * @priority 1
> >  */
> I like this idea a lot. (I don't know of anything like it.) I
> wonder a little why it needs to be an Ant task, though. Couldn't
> it be a stand-alone program, and then either use a java task or
> *maybe* a small wrapper task to call it from Ant?

Yes, it could be a standalone task. I would just like make
it a standard build item.
> You seem to be using a ! to indicate these comments. We happen to
> use ??? though I don't remember where I picked that up, and FIXME
> is also popular. In other words, I think that a configurable
> indicator would be needed to make this widely useful. 

I don't know how easy it would be to have configurable
TODO indicators using a generated parser. The /*! */
would make the TODO blobs very easy to parse. I don't
really care what they are, but a clear start and end
of the blobs is required for easy parsing.

> (As an aside, sometimes we put the indicator at the end of the
> comment instead of the beginning. I could trained to avoid that.
> ;-) )

Yes, I'd like to stick to the javadoc type convention.

> Both C and C++ comment styles should be handled.

I would prefer to stick with the single /*! */ 
for simplicity, and you probably can't get a very
good description of what needs to be done in one line :)

> I don't know what to think of the javadoc-style tags. It makes me
> wonder if doclets couldn't be used to implement it, though maybe
> that only works with doc comments? If I used the tags I'd like to
> be able to define my own fields. For example, here it would be
> nice to be able to supply the corresponding bug id for Bugzilla
> when there is one.

I'd like to keep it really simple right now. Gather ideas
and make something in an couple of hours that produces
something useful. I need to make a BIG TODO list very
soon :)
> Maybe produce an XML output file that one could use XSLT or
> whatever on to produce the desired final result?

Could produce anything really but XML would probably
probably be a good format. We use StyleBook for the
Turbine and Velocity docs and it has a TODO format.



Jason van Zyl

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