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From Barrie Treloar <>
Subject Re: Wishlist of make like features.
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2000 02:07:25 GMT
On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Diane Holt wrote:

> was being told by the tasks it needed to run). I was really looking
> forward to that happening, since being able to "dry run" things is
> something I've come to rely on for debugging big, complicated build
> processes.

Well in the ideal world Ant really doesn't need a -n option and you
shouldn't have a complicated build process.  

The problem with -n is that it does not print out the execution the
same as without the -n option.  Why is this?  If a task depends upon
another task completing its work then the -n option will not be able
to process the second task as the dependency fails.  This process is
made even worse with Make in that you need to be able to decipher the
what shell commands are being invoked when you start using black

So far in my use of Ant I have not needed a -n option and my build.xml
is not complicated.  I've not needed -n because its quicker and
easier to do "ant clean; ant" than to start worrying about complex
dependencies that require specific ordering to be built correctly and
thus debugged.

My goal is to get my project built.  Preferably this should be a quick
processes.  The reason for complex build procedures with make is
usually because make invokes java once for each file and to get a
quick build I need to compile less java source.  My project took 45
minutes to build with make and takes less than 5 minutes if you just
do javac *.java.

I'm of the opinion that you can simplify your build process by
breaking your project up into smaller components which can each be
built simply.  Your mileage may vary.

Barrie Treloar

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