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Subject the master build (was Re: martin fowler paper on continuous integration)
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 05:18:00 GMT

(Thanks for your notes. I'll try to address each of your points in a
separate email)

The java code that runs the master build depends heavily on the starteam
java API's, the layout of our folders in the repos, an ancient version of
LotusXSL, has no comments, etc, and in general it is not fit for public
consumption. Writing an automated build process is not part of our core
businss either, and as such this code doesn't receive a whole lot of

However, I would be interested in updating what we have to be more generic.
Basically, our script runs a bunch of steps (checkout, build, run, test)
which each generate XML reports, and then at the end we merge them all
together to get a complete report. Then we have a servlet that serves up
this XML using stylesheets, plus displays a list of previous builds and
current build status. Ant can already generate an XML report, as can the
JUnit tasks I believe. So a lot of the pieces are there already. How to
pull it all together in a generic way is the tricky part. I'll start
looking into it...

Matt Foemmel
ThoughtWorks, Inc.

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The Master Build:

Writing an automated build process is not my core business.  Are you
willing to share this code?  Can we get it included into the Jakarta
project in some shape or form?  It would probably sit on top of Ant.

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