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Subject bvt (was Re: martin fowler paper on continuous integration)
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 05:31:54 GMT

Yes, it is simply a matter of editing the main BVT test to add extra junit

We use a servlet to run our tests in a j2ee environment. We got the code
from here:

although we had to make some changes to spit out XML instead of HTML, i
think. Then our master build script just starts up the server, connects to
the servlet using an URLConnection, saves the xml response to a file, and
then shuts down the server.

Matt Foemmel
ThoughtWorks, Inc.

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How do tests get added to the BVT.  Is it simply a matter of editing
the main BVT entry point and adding the extra junit tests?

I'd also be interested in how you run your tests in a J2EE
environment.  How do you unit test when it depends upon the J2EE
environment?  Do you write test session beans in order to provide an
entry point into the system?  I've not given this enough thought yet
but this seems a reasonable way to go.

A greater discussion of how the tests interact with the build would be
useful.  The problems with testing in a J2EE environment has slowed
down the introduction of automated testing and this is causing me
concern as I would like being used.

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