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From "Michael Stanley" <>
Subject RE: GUI for Ant
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 04:50:36 GMT
Conor writes:
where it states that the APL and the GPL are not compatible. There are
differences in the distribution of modified versions. If I understand it
properly, the GPL requires these modified versions to be free, the APL does

There are arguments for and against but I do not want to get into those. In
the end, ant is APL and it cannot be linked to code which is GPL.

I am a little confused with this.  Does this mean that GPL projects and APL
projects can never marry?  What would it take for Anthill to change its
license to APL?  All the developers consent?  Of Anthill? Or of Ant?  It
seems strange that if the developers feel this is an adequate GUI for Ant,
that it could not be mended into the existing distribution.  There has to be
someway to get around this.  I guess I can see why Apache can never
distribute Anthill with Ant, but can the developers of Anthill distribute
Ant with Anthill?
Overall I guess my question is - APL can not put GPL code into its
distribution (package [is there a difference?] ), but what about vise-versa?
Michael Stanley

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