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From "William Ferguson" <>
Subject RE: EJB Tasks
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 23:48:22 GMT

I agree that there is a large amount of latitude in how you might deploy
support classes. I guess I was really interested in those classes that
are directly referenced by the EJB classes.

A good example is an Operations interface that is inherited by the
Remote interface and implemented by the bean class. This needs to be
part of the jar when you deploy or deployment will fail, even if this
class is already known to the server. At least this is how it happens on
the Sun reference implementation ;-)

So I guess I'm really looking for a way to specify extra classes like
this that need to be added to the jar, but for which there is no place
within the ejb-jar.xml

As to the Ant ejb package namespace, I agree that it seems to be getting
too deep. But in its current state its a little unclear about what is WL
specific (note the Javadoc for EjbJar) and what is generic, and how to
use it. Ant1.1 also doesn't seem to have much doco on the Ejb tasks.

Making a clear distinction between AppServers specifics is probably a
good case for a factory task as was mentioned in another post. But juts
don't ask me how ;-)


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