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From "Bill Lynch" <>
Subject RE: JspC task (including code)
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2000 21:23:29 GMT

Very cool. I can't wait to try this task as it's something I've wanted to
use in my build scripts for Jive (our open-source forum product).

One thing though -- I noticed in your code that you have a 'replaceString'
method and it looks pretty inefficient. We ( have a fast
string replacement method. We wrote it to be as fast as possible since it's
called often in one of our filters. Here's the code -- you might want to
give it a spin:

 * Replaces all instances of oldString with newString in line. <p>
 * (APL license:
 * @param line the String to search to perform replacements on
 * @param oldString the String that should be replaced by newString
 * @param newString the String that will replace all instances of oldString
 * @return a String will all instances of oldString replaced by newString
public static final String replace( String line, String oldString, String
newString )
    int i=0;
    if ( ( i=line.indexOf( oldString, i ) ) >= 0 ) {
        char [] line2 = line.toCharArray();
	  char [] newString2 = newString.toCharArray();
        int oLength = oldString.length();
        StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer(line2.length);
        buf.append(line2, 0, i).append(newString2);
        i += oLength;
        int j = i;
        while( ( i=line.indexOf( oldString, i ) ) > 0 ) {
            buf.append(line2, j, i-j).append(newString2);
            i += oLength;
            j = i;
        buf.append(line2, j, line2.length - j);
        return buf.toString();
    return line;

(this code resides in the com.coolservlets.util package in
All source is available as part of Jive:


|  Bill Lynch                                            |
|       |
|   |

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jonathan Gray []
> Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2000 12:27 PM
> To:
> Subject: JspC task (including code)
> I have been working on a <jspc> task, most of which is a
> copy-and-paste from
> both <javac> and <wljspc> tasks, which supports jasper.jspc and should
> eventually support the weblogic.jspc compiler.  However, a few issues have
> arisen:
> I am trying to emulate the Tomcat JSP compilation process as closely as
> possible and as such, when scanning the destination directories for JSPs
> which have already been compiled, I am replacing all underscores
> with their
> Unicode equivalent '0005f' which Tomcat seems to do with all of the .java
> and .class files it creates in its web application tomcat/work
> directory.  I
> am not sure whether I should be doing this as I don't know whether it is
> standard behaviour across both Jasper and WebLogic jspc compilers.
> Also, the weblogic.jspc compiler also has the ability to then compile the
> generated java classes to check whether they compile. jasper.jspc does not
> provide this option so it would either mean leaving this second phase of
> compilation for a separate Ant task or have the two-phases built-in to the
> jspc task.
> Also, what are the chances of having this task, once complete, included in
> the standard Ant distribution?
> thanks
> Jon

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