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From "Felciano, Ramon" <>
Subject RE: Autoconf-like features in Ant (or elsewhere)?
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2000 19:40:01 GMT

> With java most of these issues become a configuration issue after
> deployment on the target machine and by writing your code to be
> customizable at deploy time most of these issues disappear.
This addresses part of it. For example, we make liberal use of properties
files to externalize configuration settings. However, it is not always clear
to deployers which settings they have to look at and change, which they may
want to "approve", and which they may only wish to be aware of.
Documentation gets you part way, but in practice, it seems like some type of
pre- or post-install script that "knows" which properties are critical and
forces the deployer to acknowledge them would very useful.

The other half of the problem has to do with addressing integration issues.
This is true for pure Java (e.g. make sure all required classes are in the
classpath) as well as between Java and non-Java programs (e.g. is the right
version of Oracle installed).

I am guessing that those on this list have had to deal with this issues as
well. We'll be looking at commercial options like ZeroG's InstallAnywhere,
but I was hoping for an Open Source solution :-)



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